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Public Art Gallery

Public Art

The Public Art Gallery represents site specific works of sculpture commissioned by Public Art agencies across the United States from Atlanta to Alaska. Public Art is often created on a monumental scale and the execution of Public Art sculptures requires an enhanced set of skills by the artist beyond those found in small studio practices geared towards gallery clients and private collectors.

Wood Gallery


The wood gallery represents small in the round and relief sculptures primarily in the medium of wood. A variety of types of wood and styles of art are represented among the works presented. Wood, which is primarily a medium for interior environments, is a medium that provides a warmth in presence and character beyond most sculptural media.

Metal Gallery


The metal gallery represents selected examples of small in the round and relief sculptures created primarily out of various types of metal for private clients. Works in metal can be displayed in exterior as well as interior environments and offers a durability of material and structural strength superior to most other sculptural media with the exception of stone.

Ifa Objects Gallery

Ifa Objects

Ifa is a word that refers to a religion originating from West Africa among the Yoruba people of Nigeria. It migrated from West Africa and took on different names in various regions of the word. In Cuba it is referred to as Lucumi and Santeria. In Brazil it is referred to as Condumble and Macumba. The works represented in The Ifa Gallery are religious objects created for clients who are practitioners of various manifestations of Ifa.

Drawings Gallery


The drawing gallery presents selected images that represent the artist drawing style which is distinctly different from the highly representational drawings designed for Public Art Projects.